The world needs heroes.

Empowering Charter, Public & Private Schools with character based HERO Building curriculum for grades K - 6

Not just the ones with shields, lassos of truth, iron armor or amazing super powers.

We need real heroes for the real world and that is exactly what we build in youth, families, organizations, schools and the community.


No radioactive insects. No spaceships. No super serum.

Just pure passion to bring back character and self-worth from a yesteryear that we think many have forgotten.

Created by Boyd Hamlin, The HERO Builder was born with one mighty purpose – to instill hero characteristics and qualities in every child, family, organization and school that wants to profoundly shape themselves and the world. The HERO Builder journey is a simple one that clearly shines the light on character and how character can be implemented into every aspect of life to improve the individual and those around them.



Making heroes is not as hard as it seems. It doesn’t take a radioactive spider bite, an asteroid or energy field – it takes just 10 minutes a day and a bit of focus from those that children admire and respect.  As a teacher, you play a daily proactive role in your students’ lives. Isn’t it time that we start pouring hero building skills into our children to create a better world for our kids? With The HERO Builder your students can have an amazing journey transforming themselves into the heroes they always wanted to be.


  • More student help around the classroom
  • Reduced bullying
  • Higher student self worth
  • Improved focus on classwork
  • Improved relationships with teachers and school staff
  • Peer-to-peer growth
  • Higher school morale
  • Greater community engagement
  • Improved parent / teacher engagement
  • Positive development of future generations




Learn how The HERO Builder works and can positively impact your students, your school, your teachers and staff, parents and community.



Our team works with your school in developing a delivery method that works best for your school, its teachers and staff and its students and parents.



Access all The HERO Builder tools on our online resource center. Need help or have questions? No worries, we love being here to help you build heroes in the class.

Discover The HERO Builder Advantage

Listen to Boyd's Interview




We are proud to support you.

It is important to us that you are successful with The HERO Builder in your school. That is why we offer top notch service to ensure your experience with our amazing hero builder platform is the best is can be.

Our year long program is developed to be easily and seamlessly integrated into the classroom creating everyday HEROES of students and teachers. Simple to use 10 minute daily exercises guide your classroom on the amazing journey to become the next heroes of our communities.

We are not some huge faceless company and you and your students are not just numbers. We are a small nimble staff with one mission in mind – create the HEROES of the future. We are here to make sure you are a successful HERO Builder in your school and your community and we pride ourselves on taking that journey every step with you.

We are here to help you move The HERO Builder from your school to becoming a community initiative; which, will create stronger ties to the community that support your school.

Do you have an idea that you would like to add to The HERO Builder? Awesome – we are all ears! We understand that there is not a “one-size fits all” method for building HEROES. That’s why we want to hear all your ideas to make The HERO Builder even better!


Just like the Avengers and Justice League…only with extraordinary powers of our own.

As the creator of The HERO Builder, Boyd Hamlin, brings 30+ years as a church leader, speaker and consultant in the world of leadership to The HERO Builder. As the founder of The HERO Builder method of character development, Boyd is passionate about creating everyday heroes from everyone he comes in contact with.

Boyd Hamlin

Founder of The HERO Builder Creator of The HERO Builder system

Ryan Parker has been an entrepreneur for 20+ years working in the field of marketing and business development. Ryan brings real world small business leadership skills to The HERO Builder team focused on client and business development.

Ryan Parker

Relationship Developer & Online Education Coordinator
Board of Directors

Jeff Orr is The HERO Builder's Director of Character & Leadership Development. Bringing 20+ years of professional leadership training & skills; Jeff is a well known speaker having presented at TedX on Millennial Leadership and to numerous corporations on developing the next leaders in their organizations.

Jeff Orr

Director of Character &
Leadership Development
Board of Directors

Rob Johnson is a serial entrepreneur with 30+ years experience as a successful entrepreneur. From his early college years creating his own home painting business to his successful nutraceutical businesses, Rob brings his CEO details and direction to The HERO Builder.

Rob Johnson

Operations Director
Board of Directors

Christian DeVries is The HERO Builder's sports leadership guru. Bringing 25+ years of professional college coaching skills to The HERO Builder, Christian oversees all the sports program implementation of The HERO Builder.

Christian DeVries

Director of Athletic
Leadership & Character
Board of Directors


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