Time to honor our children by helping them become the heroes of the future


Making heroes is not as hard as it seems. It doesn’t take special chemicals, a radioactive spider or space travel – it takes just a bit of focus from those that kids admire and respect.  As a Church Leader, you play the most important role in your youth’s lives. Isn’t it time that you start pouring hero building skills built on Biblical Teachings into your youth and church to create a better world for all our kids? With The HERO Builder Church your entire youth program and church can benefit from the amazing journey of transforming your youth and church into the heroes you always wanted to be.


  • More church dedication
  • More peer-to-peer & encouragement
  • Greater youth self worth
  • Improved focus on Godly purpose
  • Creates amazing relationships between Church Leaders and the youth
  • Greater church and youth program morale
  • Creates better community inside and outside the church
  • Positive development of Biblical sound hero traits for future generations

We are proud to support your church.

It is important to us that you are successful with The HERO Builder in your church. That is why we offer top notch service to ensure your experience with our amazing HERO Builder Platform is the best is can be.

Our customizable program is developed for the simplest of delivery with the most effective outcomes in mind based on how your church and youth programs operate.

We are not some huge company that you will get lost in the mix in. We are a small nimble staff with one mission in mind – create the heroes of the future. We are here to make sure you are a successful Hero Builder.

We are here to help you move The HERO Builder from your church to becoming a community initiative; which, will create stronger ties to the community that support your church.

Do you have an idea that you would like to add to The HERO Builder? Awesome – we are all ears! We understand that there is not a “one-size fits all” method for building heroes. That’s why we want to hear all your ideas to make The HERO Builder even better!

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