What you do really does matter.

Teaching can be such a thankless job at times. You pour into your student’s lives, trying to help them connect to the subject matter, and all your extra time and effort seems to make little difference to so many. But remember why you got into teaching in the first place.

You wanted to make an impact on a young life. And you are. For a lifetime.

I still remember how my 11th grade American History teacher, Mr. Also, brought the subject to life. Before him, I had a marginal interest in history. But he taught history in a story format. He brought it to life. I was so engaged (as much as a teenage boy can be) in that class. I loved it. And I love history to this day. In fact, he had a large impact on how I lead, coach, teach, and speak today. I was never able to tell him of this impact. I imagine many of your students will be in the same place.

So, when you are feeling weary, pounded on, or just don’t feel you are making much of a difference, remember:

  • You are.
  • Remember the teachers who inspired you.
  • You are doing the same for the next generation.
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