Passing on to others? What are you passing on?

Picture in your mind a father playing catch with his son or daughter in the front yard. Whether it’s a baseball or a football, the father wants their kid to catch the ball he’s passing to them. It might take him a while, but if he’s willing to keep working with them, his kids will eventually catch what he is passing on to them.

What are you passing on to your kids or sphere of influence? There‘s a lot of influences thrown at them every day, for sure! If they are not paying attention, they could end up with a black eye. But, we want them to catch what you are throwing in their direction.

I want to encourage you to come up with a list of things you would like to pass on to others. In the meantime, I’ll share with you what I hope to pass on to others:

  • Passion/Purpose – To live with passion and have a purpose worth getting up for in the morning.
  • Attitude matters – To stay positive in the midst of a negative world. To set our mind on things that are true, right, just, etc.  To know that attitude determines the outcome.
  • Serving others is significant – To help others the way we want to be helped out. Serving others puts a smile on their face and keeps a smile on yours.
  • Sticking it out – To encourage others to not quit too early. Lots of people miss out because they don’t have someone encouraging them to stick it out.

Whatever you desire to pass on to others, keep passing it to them! Eventually, they will catch it and keep passing it on to those in their sphere of influence.

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