Are you doing a good job being your authentic self?

“What does that even mean?”

I’m glad you asked. Authenticity is simply being genuine or, being the real deal. The example we want to set for others is to like being who they are and who they are becoming. So, it’s important that we set an example by being the best YOU that YOU can be. We send a mixed message when we say one thing and do another. Or, I act one way when I’m teaching and another way when I’m with my friends or family. Whether I’m at my job or spending time at home with my family or hanging out with my friends, I want everyone to experience the authentic ME because I like being ̶ ME.

“You can con a con, but you can’t kid a kid.” I heard that statement many years ago from the author Josh McDowell speaking about his book, “How to be a HERO to your Kid”. You are either authentic or a fake. A kid can tell. An artist can also tell an authentic painting from a fake one. There is just something about an original that stands out from the crowd.

It takes more work being who we are not than it does simply being our authentic self. How are you doing in being your true self? Does the person staring back at you in the mirror look like the original, authentic you? Or, does that person look like who everyone else wants or needs you to be? Not only does the person in the mirror need you to be your original, authentic self, but everyone you encounter on a daily basis does too.

Be You! You are the only one who can. You may not like everything about who you are, nobody does! But, keep your eyes on the authentic you that you are becoming. One final thought: Everyone who is trying to be impressive really isn’t. The one who is the most impressive is the person who is simply being themselves. Trying to be who you are not is exhausting. Just like one of my friends recently reminded me, “You don’t have to TRY very hard in simply being your true self.”

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