Are we listening to the heart of others?

Are our ears awake? Are our eyes seeing and hearing what is being said without words? These are good questions to think on. It doesn’t matter if the message others are screaming into a megaphone is ‘I’m lonely’, ‘I’m hungry ‘or, ‘I’m contemplating suicide’. If our ears are not awake, we simply won’t hear them.

We are all guilty of tuning out what we don’t want to interrupt our day, our mood or inconvenience us in any way. If we would simply awaken our ears and eyes to hear the hearts of those around us, we may not impact the world at large, but we may, in fact, change the life of one person we get to encounter. Let’s start at home and work our way through the day. Am I listening to the hearts of those in my family, at my job or at my church? In hearing what their hearts are saying, maybe I can lend a hand, spare some time, share my talent. Or, maybe, just maybe all I need to do is sit down on the bench beside them, ask a question and awaken my ears to hear the heart of the answer.

Have others misinterpreted what you were saying without words? Have you ever thought, “I wish you would hear my heart in this?” How many opportunities have we missed because our ears were still sleeping?

It’s time that we awaken our ears to the hearts of those around us. Maybe, just maybe we could help change their world.

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