Regenerating your Creativity.

This is a topic that hits home for me. Being a creative, I often find my creative mojo a little on the low side. I struggle to be in that flow of innovative and inspired ideas and thoughts on a consistent basis. I have found over the years that this is the norm for the creative type. Whether writer, artist, musician, speaker, film maker, teacher or anyone else creating content, the natural flow of the creative process is typically a lot of time working the craft and feeling less that creative, followed by short bursts of creative genius. Rather than just relinquishing ourselves to this trend, there are things we can do to help keep ourselves in the creative and innovative flow.

  • Practice the discipline of creativity. This sounds so uncreative, doesn’t it? Yet there is much to be gained by the consistent practice of training the mind to see the creative and think differently. Consistent practice will set new neural pathways and strengthen and increase the size of existing pathways, making the creative thought process easier to engage in.
  • Pour into yourself creatively. Watch an inspiring movie. Listen to music that moves you. Read great stories that impact you. Expose yourself to great art. Take a walk and let nature inspire you.
  • Be observant of the world around you. Look at everyday objects with a fresh perspective. Let your mind think and imagine life in new ways. Look at a houseplant. What would it look like if you were only a quarter inch tall, standing in the pot? What would the plant look like from that perspective?

These are just a few ideas and there are many more. As you practice the discipline of creativity, you’ll discover what works for you and new ways to stay creative and innovative.

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