Pour Into Others

I recently read that you can find delight and affirmation in the action of pouring into others. Everything we do requires action. Everyone we know needs affirmation. 

The question was asked, “How do I know when someone needs encouragement?” “If they are breathing!” was the brilliant answer of a man who kept himself full so that he could fill up others with affirmation. We can’t give what we don’t have and, the same is true, we will get back what we take the time to give out. Is there someone you know that needs a little pouring into?

You’ve seen how a waiter does it. He brings a round of glasses full of your preferred beverage. Then, the waiter proceeds to take your meal order. Before, during and after your meal, the waiter keeps an eye on your glass looking for who needs a refill. If the pitcher he is holding contains what you have in your glass, he pours what he has into your glass until it’s full. If the waiter’s pitcher is empty, he goes to the back and returns with a full pitcher ready to pour into your glass.

How do I pour into others?

  • Hand-write an encouraging note. Be as creative as you like. It means a lot to people when you take the time to write them a note.
  • Make an out-of-the-blue call. Let the person know you were thinking of them and decided to call and let them know how much they mean to you.
  • Grab a coffee/tea! Spending time with people lets them know they were important enough to you to stop what you were doing to spend time with them. That’s encouraging.

Look around for empty cups to pour into and be the pitcher of affirmation they need.

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