I SEE you.

Do you remember playing HIDE-AND-SEEK when you were growing up? Well, maybe you still play it sometimes when you see someone at the store that you don’t want seeing you. Anyway, no matter how good of a hiding place you find to hide in or how quiet you are when the person who is IT is seeking you; you ultimately WANT to be found. When you are not found, you feel invisible.

You can be in a room full of people and still be lonely, or feel invisible. Whether it’s unintentional or intentional, we can let people know how much or how little we value them by finding them or by leaving them to be lost in the crowd. It’s even worse when you are hiding in plain sight in a small room. Everyone is worth seeking and finding. People matter and we have an opportunity to let them know that truth. There are 3 questions every person asks no matter what age they are:

  1. Do you SEE me?
  2. Do I matter to you?
  3. Can I trust you?

John Maxwell’s father gave him some advice that would help him not only SEE others as valuable, but help them SEE themselves as valuable, too. Hopefully, that same advice will help us let others know we SEE them and they matter to us!

  • Do I intentionally value people every day?
  • Do I let people know I believe in them every day?
  • Do I consistently and unconditionally love them every day?

Wherever you go, look into the eyes of others and say a simple ‘hello’. In a world where people seem to be hiding, they simply want to be found. Make it your mission to SEE them.

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